Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Welcome to the Army

As anyone who has spent more than a day in the Army knows, things normally work out as planned. This morning we had only two buses show up for about 160 students. Alpha Company left at 0500 since they're in the field tonight.
As our fantastic platoon leader, 2LT Dan Brillhart, pointed out the worst case scenerio, since Fort Indiantown Gap is two and a half hours away, is that the buses are back to pick us up in six hours. It's also quite likely that two more buses will appear in a shorter amount of time.
All in all not a big deal. As one of my squad members pointed out being delayed enabled him to get coffee when the cafe opened and he gets to bs with people here instead of FIG. We also still get the bus time to sleep so this, as you can see in the photo, gives us more time to make up for waking up at an evil hour this morning.

Posted by ShoZu