Saturday, July 11, 2009

Power of the iPhone

As the last post shows I've just started using a program called ShoZu. After one post I can surely says it's worth the $5 I spent on it. It permits the user to make blog posts from one's iPhone to include photos and tags. it even geotags the post using the iphone's position.
I'm currently at the Philadelphia Airport, which I can firmly say sucks. My connecting flight is via a far away terminal and the setup to get arriving international passengers over to terminal F is either poor or nonexistent. at one point while still in international arrivals a sign to the shuttle pointed to a nonexistent door. After asking a TSA officer he escorted me out backwards through my re-entry through security. Upon arriving on ground level, I learned that the way for me to get to terminal F was via the economy parking shuttle.
All this might seem to lack sense until one recalls that this airport is a hub for US Airways. Thus, like most things associated with the company, it doesn't function well.

Posted by ShoZu