Saturday, July 25, 2009

The buses finally arrived at FIG yest...

The buses finally arrived at FIG yesterday at 1400.  However only two buses arrived when four were needed.  I'm not quite sure how Bravo Company was determined to go first, but being part of Bravo Company I'm not going to complain because the second two buses didn't show up until we were on the Beltway more than two hours later. 

We road home on this bus from Becton's Elite Getaway.  I don't know who is responsible for the lack of bus SNAFU, but I can tell you the Becton's by Larry B according to the back of the bus, sucks.  Perhaps the government contract didn't specify that the air conditioning must kept a bus load of people cool because although the air conditioning was on, it barely worked.  We sweated as much on the bus ride home as we did all week.  I wouldn't have been surprised if we had had our first heat casualty on the bus it was so hot.