Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anna Romagnolli AKA Ramen Noodle

Above we see Anna resting on the bleachers near the site of our second battalion aid station yesterday. She wasn't feeling too well, so she ended up with the job of escorting people to the toilet. It wasn't much, but proper sanitary practices are important to any military operation.

After setting up two BASs yesterday, we got dropped off by squads to set up another. What a surprise when we found put that each squad's driver erred and thus all squads had to conduct their own night land navigation through thick forest.

Shortly after hitting the hay, we were awoken with a short tasked to have the entire company set up a new BAS. On the way their we were hit by an IED forcing us to finish the last leg on foot carrying our casualties up a decent sized hill. Carryin litters an individual patients up hills is tough, but we did it. We had he BAS set up with a perimeter by sunrise upon when OPFOR started probing our security.

Posted by ShoZu