Monday, September 7, 2009

Raritan Valley Line Improvements

    That, my friends, is the Raritan Valley Line pulling out of Fanwood station.  Upon getting on the train Sunday morning, I learned that starting in late 2008, and finishing just last week, the Raritan Valley Line had switched to all double-decker carriages. 

    On the same trip, while waiting in Newark Penn Station, I learned that Amtrak offers head of the line service to those of us in uniform.  While this is a laudable offer, I challenge the Amtrak management to do more.  Please lower your fairs for service members so that we might actually use Amtrak.  I travel between NY and DC somewhat frequently, and Amtrak doesn't even come close to offering a competitive price compared to driving.  Further, please fix the annoying policy of not permitting bicycles on trains between NY and DC.  Not only is the website unclear as to what the policy is, but the policy does nothing to promote freedom from our automobiles.  DC and NY are two of the most bike friendly (I realize that compared to somewhere like Holland we suck.) large American cities, but there is now way via public transportation to bring a bicycle between the two.