Saturday, February 2, 2013

Prior Service Officers Medical Corps Promotion

Per SECNAVINST 1420.1B the first year you are up for the O-4 board, you will automatically be not looked at.  This is to enable you to get some more time in grade to better your chances of promotion.  For O-4 it doesn't really matter as the selection rate is effectively 100%.  However, if you defer, which you probably should, you will then be up for O-5 sooner.  As of late O-5 has been very competitive with selection rates around 50%.  As long as you've got something besides training FITREPs in your file at that point, you will be fine.  If you think that at that point you will have only done training (e.g. you are a neurosurgery resident),,it may make sense to not defer.  As long as you've either done a GMO or finished residency and not gone straight to fellowship, you should be fine for the O-5 board
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