Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Me Distracting the MS IVs from 'Real' Patients

In the afternoon a group of us went over to Operation Bushmaster. Each group of five played simulated casualties so that an individual fourth year could perform a quick one minute triage. In the above phot I'm the superficially wounded individual who distracts the doc from the significant casualties. I was able to get one student to spend 80% of his time on a expectant casualty, whom is expected to not make it. Thus, the doc should spend little or no time on them in order to devote time and resources to those that can be saved. Unfortunatly all the screaming a moaning has hurt my voice a bit.
Although the rest of our platoon sat around the barracks and played cards, we've earned good karma. Now when volunteers are needed for a much worse job, ten of us can us the fact that we've already volunteered for this to not have to do the worse job.

Posted by ShoZu