Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More on poor navy recruiting.

More on poor navy recruiting although this happened a while ago.  I became a fan of US Navy health care on facebook.  I was quickly contacted by the Admin [sic] Ms. Srbinovich.  I inquired about how the Navy came to be on facebook.  After two back and forths I quickly realized that this was the advertising agencies decision and had little to do with actual naval officers or sailors.  She told me that I would be contacted by Navy Recruiting Command, which has not happened in the last four months.  The entire conversation can be viewed here.

In general I am interested in the military's attempts to be more networked and less top-down controlling and thought the facebook thing a good idea.  As part of my philosophy I also think that the Navy should do its own recruiting vice hiring some marketing hack.  There is no shortage of us in the Navy who would gladly be better representatives. 

For example, when transferring to my last command I had wanted to do Navy Recruiting District New York, but was told it wasn't available for me.  As it turned out it was available, but understandably the detailer (that's the guy who assigned you your jobs.) would rather put me in a submarine officer specific billet that he had to fill.  A former Direct Input Limited Duty Officer single white female with no sea-time who was from Georgia was assigned the job.  She choose to live in Navy housing in Hempstead when she had an officer a block from Ground Zero.  Without having any ill feelings towards the woman, she is not the type of person who can actually motivate people to join the Navy. 

As it turns out we spent almost $400,000 of taxpayer money on this garbage and it doesn't even offer a representative who has actually been in the Navy.  Why not instead of throwing away millions of dollars in tax payer dollars so that ass-hat marketing people can sell the Navy, just let those of us who believe in it to sell it?


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