Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lazy M-NCPPC workers

Here we see the old Exxon at 7340 Wisconsin Avenue.  When walking by last week right after it had been shut down, one of my friends proposed that they were just doing a quick remodeling to drum up sales.  Perhaps they are putting in more lucrative retail shops since it is Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda.

What is this you might ask?  This was this morning, the 26th of March, on the Capital Crescent Trail. It appears that someone is ignoring the rules clearly posted at the beginning of the trail.
As the vehicle approached I saw that it belonged to the Maryland - National Capital Park and Planning Commission.  See below.

As it turned out the gentlemen were proceeding the length of the trail in order to put in signs giving notice to trail users of upcoming maintenance.  I wonder if such maintenance will be as accommodating to users as road maintenance is.

Almost by definition any entrance to the trail is accessible from just off the trail.  Why then do these lads feel the need to damage the serenity of the trail with their truck.  Reviewing Rule #5 I see no special exceptions for lazy workers who don't want to walk more than ten feet to install signs.  Perhaps there is an exception for emergency service personnel responding to an emergency, but these guys don't fall under the catagory. 


Anonymous said...

You are an F'ing moron. You are in the armed services? Lord help this country with idiots like you. But, you are a progressive liberal aren't you? Yea, liberals are anything but liberal. MNCPPC vehicles are authorized vehicles. Do you understand that concept? You should if you are in the military.Here is a moron test for you just in case