Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is this guy actually a JO?

I saw this advertisement on the back of The Bent, which is the magazine of Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society of which I am member.  Is this guy actually a junior officer in the submarine force?  I'm inclined to think yes since I know Lieutenant Chris Carter who appears in a video about how great the submarine force is.  (Please note that although I'm very satisfied to no longer be in the submarine force, I intend no sarcasm when mentioned how great it is.) 

I am a strong supporter of the submarine force recruiting more minorities to help make it better reflect the actual diversity of the United States.  I often thought about the subject while teaching Navy ROTC in New York City when I lived in Harlem and then Fort Greene, Brooklyn.  It does bring up the point of how nearly every submarine or nuclear specific advertisement, almost always shows a minority submarine officer to show how diverse we are.  I then am curious what percentage of minority submarine officers have ended up in an advertisement.