Tuesday, March 17, 2009

IED Kits for Estonia

Many countries face different military circumstances the the United States and her large imperialist allies such a the UK and France.  (Note I do not intend anything positive or negative by use of the word imperialists; merely that we have, and intend to keep, a military designed to operate throughout the world)  Other modern countries, often smaller, merely want to stop or dissuade a much large neighbor from occupying their country.  In the case of Estonia, Lativia, Lithuania and George the big neighbor is Russia. 

The countries steadfastly support American endeavors with troops solely to gain a potential future supporter when they are next invaded by Russia.  Georgia lost their war with Russia the moment when the Columbia educated Saakashvili decided he did not want to turn Georgia into another Chechnya.  I don't blame him, but the only way to win a war is to be less willing to give up than your enemy.  Russia is willing to turn Georgia into another Chechnya so Georgia needs to be more willing. 

As part of such a plan Estonia, and any other country in their situation, should deploy, in a very public fashion, IED and MANPAD kits throughout the country.  Make a big deal out of it so that every Russian soldier knows that Estonia will present them with a plethora of IEDs and MANPADs.  These kits should be distributed via the Estonian Defence League such that no one person knows where more than a handful are.  Thus, just like a ballistic missile submarine at sea, it would be impossible for anyone to located them all. 

The kits should contain video cameras, satellite internet connections, explosively formed penetrators, laptops to connect the videos to the internet, instructions, and any other equipment deemed necessary for a IED.  Most importantly there should be multiple differe types of kits along with different employment guidance to minimize the chances that in the event the Russians invade, a standard modus operandi would be deciphered by the Russians. 

Two potential options to avoid having explosives distributed throughout the country would be to have all kits be locked with cipher lock.  The combination which could be distributed electronically throughout the country nearly instantly in the event of hostilities breaking out.  Secondly, no actually explosive could be included only plans and key ingredients to that when opened, untrained but capable citizens can easily manufacture explosives. 

The MANPADs could be bought cheaply since instead of purchasing so many of the most recent version, many different versions of many different systems should be acquired.  Thus, no enemy pilot will be able to assume a specific countermeasure will work. 


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