Saturday, June 6, 2009

Green Sprouts?

It's been discussed lately whether or not the economy is now starting to pick up a bit.  The last jobs report showed that the second derivative of jobs, that is the rate at which they are being lost, has declined somewhat.

Today I went with my wife for her to purchase some shoes at shop called Amano in the People's Republic of Takoma Park.  We also went to The Surrey, a tack shop, in Potomac.  Both shops showed evidence that the economy was in fact picking up.  The owner of Amano stated that this month was the first in the year in which the hemorrhaging had finally ceased.  The owner of the building in which The Surrey is had raised the rent so much that The Surrey had decided to close up shop rather than pay more.  They expect to find a new more affordable location, but I was surprised that the building's owners thought that the market could bear an increase in rent.  Fortunately for us we got several hundred dollars worth of merchandise at thirty percent off. 

Perhaps both these signs are that the economy is picking up to be shortly followed by extreme inflation?