Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baltic Homing Pigeon Corps

I finally read Blink last week by Malcolm Gladwell.  I really enjoyed his discussion of Genral Paul Van Riper's decision making in Millennium Challenge 2002.  His use of motorcycle messengers gave me the interesting idea of a Baltic Homing Pigeon Corps.  This could easily be acheived through the relavent governments subsidizing breeding og pigeons or something else in the supply chain.  The would create a non-modern in-place communicatin system. 

Of course, the Russians could respond with training a cadre of falconers.  Does anyone really think Russia has the patience or cultural capital to have a Army full of falconers?  Although I've never trained either animal, I'd bet that training pigeons requires a bit less effort and fewer resources than training falcons.

A peer-to-peer wireless need also be developed.  I'm not sure how one would ensure security in the face of certain Russian countermeasures.  However, it should be assumed that once Russian goes from cyber attack to convential attack, the broadband internet/cell phone network as it stands will not be reliable.