Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An End to Monopoly

Ever since the Supreme court erred in Federal Baseball Club vs. National League the people of the United States have been forced to suffer while cartels are allowed to control professional sports.  Globalization is beginning to change this.  First Jennings and Tyler realized that they should not reward others, coaches and the like, with the fruits of their labor.  They work hard at basketball and deserve to be compensated for it.  Now a woman too is refusing to accept the WNBA's age discrimination that only exists so that the colleges and universities will continue to fund their player development costs.  As a cartel they have been very successful at externalizing their development costs via such mechanisms of student sports fees. 

As a detractor of Rutgers semi-professional sports franchises, I say good luck to Ms. Prince.  Hopefully you have commenced the beginning of the end for spectator sports as something associated with higher education.

Within ten years no self-respecting young basketball play will even consider attending college.  They will see the system for what it is as something ready to use them.  If only the rest of the world liked American football enough to destroy that cartel as well.