Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SHA engineer Barb Solberg is an idiot.

In today's Gazette SHA engineer Barb Solberg comments that she doesn't "know if the bike and pedestrian improvements would help reduce the traffic on BRAC-affected road."  What an idiot.  I don't have the background to be able to quantify the reductions, but it seems self-evident that better infrastructure for bike and pedestrians would mean fewer cars.  What is wrong with the state of transportation planning and civil engineering education that Ms. Solberg is able to make such a statement with a straight face.  Call her at 1-888-228-5003 or via e-mail to


Anonymous said...

Fewer cars? Here? In Maryland? You really do not know what you are writing. First of all the big oil business does not allow to use anything else just cars, bikes are enemy. So forget it! Republican govt's support people buying trucks, not bikes. Where is public transportation in Maryland? Again, oil people are lobbying! They have money and money rules :(