Thursday, April 16, 2009

NNMC Bicycle Count

Today I conducted a survey of NNMC bicycle racks at lunch.  The NNMC website lists the following racks:
  • Staff garage,
    Bldg 54
  • Visitor Garage,
    Bldg 55
  • Underground
    garage of bldg 61 (BEQ)
  • Comfort zone
    (Bldg 23)
  • Quonset Huts
The NNMC website fails to list the USUHS rack.  I was unable to find the BEQ or Quonset Huts racks.  As for determining commuters I don't think not counting the BEQ matters since any bikes parked there during the day are sailors who are at work on base.  I asked one security guard about the Quonset Huts, and he had no idea were they were.

Rack location
Number of Bikes
4 were very dusty
Staff Garage
ELCON Enterprises had a golf cart blocking access to the racks
Patient Garage
no available room
Comfort Zone

This would say that right now on a nice, but not warm, early spring day there are 22 bicycle commuters.  I also left fliers on all but the dusty bikes for a NNMC Bicycle listserv.