Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mantle of Leadership

    I recently came across this fine example of leadership by COL A. G. Pushmin of the Soviet Air Force.  It is from 1987, but it serves to remind any reader how a good leader might act.  I hope that I might utilize appropriate judgment as COL Pushmin does. 
    A warning that it is not suitable for small children or others who may be easily offended as COL Pushmin uses vulgar language to express himself.  The first page is the Russian original; the second page is the direct English translation


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure the Soviets weren't typesetting staff memoranda in 1987.

A fake, but a colourful and entertaining one.

Harry Buckles said...

This came from Captain Grig Charney, who got it from a relative of his in Russia. Although I couldn't prove it, I'm pretty sure it's authentic. I think they did have typewriters in 1987 in Soviet Union.

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