Saturday, February 13, 2010

Not yet

I just thought about getting Netflix, but too much content is not available via streaming. I don't have a DVD player and don't want one. I would be willing to pay for content, but only if it's convenient and what I want is available.

I guess I will have to continue using BitTorrent. I don't mind ignoring copyright since it is not a net economic benefit to society and impinges on individuals' freedom without a corresponding benefit. However, I would be happy to pay for the creation of content at a reasonable price. Too bad the studios fail to accept the modern era.

It's the same with BBC iPlayer. We pay £10 a month for a UK proxy server in order to watch iPlayer. I would gladly give that money to the BBC in order to fund the creation of their programs, but they do not offer such an option.

in reference to: Netflix DVD Rental, Movies Streamed Online, DVD & Blu-Ray Movie (view on Google Sidewiki)