Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last NNMC Bicycling Post

I had a good conversation with the USUHS Senior Vice President Professor Dale Smith on Friday afternoon.  I sought his perspective on several things, the most relevant for this blog of which was the public role of a military officer.  By virtue of the fact that I've been subject to no disciplinary action it's safe to say I haven't crossed any black line.  The fact remains that in my discussion of NNMC and bicycling I've probably been too much in the gray area.

When I first came to USUHS I made a conscious decision to not discuss my critiques of USUHS issues because such issues need not be discuss in this forum.  I considered NNMC issues to be somewhat different, but now feel differently.  My feelings have changed not due to any outside pressure, but because of a fuller consideration of the boundaries of the profession God has chosen for me.  I don't particularly like these boundaries since I feel that no one else will raise the issue of cycling of NNMC, but at least my past posts have made the issue visible.  So from this point forward I will endeavor to not discuss specific NNMC issues that need not be discussed on a blog. 

This does not mean that I will refrain from critique of things military that are more distant from me within the hierarchy of the Department of Defense.  So posts such as the previous one to this, again pointing out the poor characteristics of pdfs for military publications, will still continue. 

The views expressed here are those of mine only, and are not to be
construed as those of the Department of the Navy or Department of


bothenook said...

how about a screed on power point rangers?
or would the powers that be frown on cutting too close to their primary communication tool?