Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The distain for the military on the campuses of elite universities.

  Relating to the various fellow servicemembers here, only two of who are submariners, has made me realize how ill prepared most of them are for Hilliary Clinton to be the next president.  Although I agree with most of her politics, I don't care for her personality.  Nevertheless with the democrats having a more significant majority in Congress next term and her as president, it's pretty obvious that the time will have come for Don't Ask, Don't Tell to be abandoned.  
  According to the arguments put forth by such lumenaries as Lee Bollinger, President of Columiba, one would think that after gays are allowed to openly serve in the military, that elite universities will come to accept military service as a worthwhile endeavor.  
  This won't happen because opposition to Don't Ask, Don't Tell has merely come about as an excuse to cover for the fact that culturally students at these universities consider military service beneth them.  They so much smarter so they merit such public service in such things as the Foreign Service.  The fact that only 250 State Departmen personnel might be required to go to Iraq is merely incidental.